Tanali XPlus

XPlus ProductX+Plus/X+ is a product that has undergone years of research and development; it is an organic and natural pesticide that is produced from several kinds of seed oil and fish oil. All the main ingredients have natural capabilities in killing and Repelling Pests and the most important function of X+ is that it can stop pests from reproducing / propagating. Once pests cannot reproduce, there will be no genetic mutation hence pests will not get immune to X+.

Using X+ alone, will be able to deal with almost 85% of the field pests and most importantly contains NO TOXIC properties. X+ is extremely effective against sucking pests e.g. mites, thrips, aphids, white flies, red spiders etc. It is also effective against nematodes and has antifungal properties.

Effects of Tanali XPlus

XPlus Effect

The results for using X+ can be seen within 3 days of application.

  1. Adolescence pest will be killed within 1 day. 
  2. Adult pest will be repel within 2 days. 
  3. It will disrupt pest reproductive system & digestive system and die within 5 days. 
  4. The presence of pest will reduced greatly within 1 week of application. 
  5. Farmers can produce higher quality harvest with almost no chemical residue. 

Application of XPlus

1) Apply once every 7 -10 days
2) Add 2ml to 1 liter of water (400ml to 200 liters of water)
3) For severe pests attack, can add up to 5ml to 1 liter of water

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