Gaharu Essence

Gaharu Resin Essescence LogoGaharu Resin Essence is a latest technology that allow Agarwood to produce resin by using the tree natural defence response. This technique allows the tree to respond to fungus attacks and allow the whole tree to produce resin including branches. It is also known as Gaharu Inoculation.

Gaharu aromatic resin is produced due to damages on Gaharu plants and then infections by fungus and begin to produce a dark aromatic resin within the heartwood.

Tanali Gaharu Resin Essence is a latest technology by using the natural defense responses of the tree. The resin is produced by the trees as an immune response to a fungus that invades the tree. The technique allows a sustainable yield of resin to be produced in young trees. A 2 year farmed tree can produce gaharu after 3 months with 100% success rate. After 12 months of incubation, it can be harvest for the Gaharu wood chip and gaharu oil. Gaharu wood chips are used for aromatic.

The sustainable production of gaharu wood in plantation, helps to reduce cutting of forest trees for the resin and helps save this endangered tree from possible extinction.

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