Gaharu Inoculation Raub, Pahang

On 1st of June 2013, Mr. Tan travelled to Raub to meet up with a client to perform Gaharu Inoculation using Tanali Gaharu Resin Essence.

On the following week, Mr. Tan travel to Raub again on 7/6/2013 to check on the Gaharu Tree. Results can barely visible  as some parts have already darken.

After 28 days which is 29/6/2013, Results can be seen clearly the formation of Gaharu Resin around the wounded area.

27/7/2013 Saturday *Results* After 1 Month 27 Days 


29/6/2013 Monday *Results* After 28 Days 

7/6/2013 Friday *Results* After 7 Days

1/6/2013 Saturday

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