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Our company is mainly selling natural and chemical-free product that can be used in agriculture plantation such as vegetables, fruit trees, mushroom, horticulture and etc. One of our product Swiftlet Vinegar also able to be use in swiftlet houses to remove the bad odour, kill fungus & fungi and increase the quality of bird nest. Our latest products such as Gaharu Essence to be use for innoculation for Agarwood to produce the Gaharu Resin.


Our products are 100% extracted from natural resources and does not contain any chemical components . Thus, our product can be considered as 100% organic and natural.

Our Products have been tested and proven to be efficient, effective and affordable. Our products comes with different quantity which caters for large,medium or small consumption.

We not only welcome farmers to surf our website but we also welcome people who have their own garden as well. After all, we provide information for the people who want to know more in our product.

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