Tanali Agriculture Vinegar

Tanali Agriculture VinegarAgriculture Vinegar is an extraction from natural forest tree and does not contain any chemical substance. It acts as pest repellent and organic herbicide. It also able to neutralize acid soil and enhance plant growth. This vinegar can effectively control mold and germs.It can deodorize bad odour and used as animal feed additive.


Agriculture Usage

• Acts as Pest Repellent and controls the growth of harmful Fungi & Bacteria.

• Neutralizes acid soil, improves soil pH level and enhances supply of nitrogen resulting in healthier plant. Increases Microorganism and accelerates plant growth.

• Reduces damages by blight & harmful insects on repeated cultivation.

• Reduces 50% commercial agriculture pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, and chemical fertilizer.

• Increases shelf life of plants, maintains longer freshness of vegetables, fruits, mushroom & flowers. It also improves the sweetness of fruits and sugarcane.

• Deodorizes farm waste and sterilizes cattle, chicken and pig farm shed.

• Prevents and kill green fungi and other harmful fungi in Mushroom Cultivation. Reduces the steaming time for mushroom

• Acts as animal feed additive and improves meat quality of fowls, livestock & fishes as well as increases nutrient of eggs.

Agri Vinegar Pest

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