Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom CultivationMushroom Cultivation is very tricky as there are many ways to grow mushroom successfully. There are few areas where farmers are able to use Agriculture Vinegar to ensure a higher success rate.

Green Fungus

Farmers that cultivates Mushroom often face Green Fungus. Once the Mushroom Peat is affected by Green Fungus, it is impossible for the peat to grow any mushroom and farmers tend to throw these peat away to avoid affecting other peats.

By applying AV* into the affected peat, the Green Fungus will dry up slowly and allows the peat to continue grow mushroom. However, It may waste too much time as it takes a maximum of 90 days for the fungus to dry and allow the mycelin to continue to grow. It is both time consuming and labor intensive to inject AV into the the peat.


Hygiene plays an important role in Mushroom Cultivation as lack of Cleanliness will cause Green Fungus to grow and attract Pest. Pest such as Rats, Ants, Lizards, Cockroaches will invade mushroom sheds. Rats are one of the causes for Mushroom Peat to grow Green Fungus as Rat will bite any Mushroom Peat which will infects the Green Fungus to grow from the exact spot due to infection. Agriculture Vinegar can also be used as Pest Repellent.


Disinfection is important as it can kill harmful germs and bacteria in the mushroom shed. By disinfecting the shed, the risk of Green Fungus growing in the mushroom peat and shed will be reduced greatly. This also reduce the risk of infection by the Germs and Bacteria in the air during harvesting or peat transfer.

*AV= AgricultureVinegar

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