Gaharu EssenceTanali Gaharu Resin Essence

Tanali Gaharu Essence is used to increase gaharu resin (Agarwood Resin) by farmers for their gaharu tree. Farmers can use this Resin Essence on their tree to produce the Gaharu Resin. 

Swiftlet Vinegar

Tar Free Swiftlet VinegarTanali Swiftlet Vinegar extracted from well managed replanting forest plants. It is a Natural & Environmental Friendly product which effectively remove fungus, kills germs & bacteria. It acts as pest repellent which have sterilization effect that creates an odour free & healthier environment for your swiftlet and swiftlet houses.

Agriculture Vinegar

Tanali Agri VinegarTanali Agriculture Vinegar is 100% Natural & Environmental Friendly product which is widely used in agriculture plantation such as vegetables, fruit trees( Dragon Fruit ), Mushroom Cultivation, horticulture and etc.

Tanali X Plus

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Tanali X+ is an Organic Pesticide and bio-degradable . It is effective on destroying sucking insects such as Mites, Red Spider, White Flies, Thrips, Aphids and etc. It is very effective to prevent insects from propagating.



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