Tanali Swiftlet Vinegar

Tar Free Swiftlet VinegarTanali Swiftlet Vinegar is extracted from well Swiftlet Assurance Logomanaged reforestation plants. It is a Natural & Environmental Friendly product which efficiently and effectively kill fungus, moulds, germs & bacterias. It also acts as a Pest Repellent & odour remover which have sterilization effect that able to create an odour free & healthier environment for the swiftlet houses and swiftlets.

Successful Swiftlet farming

Successful Swiftlet Farming requires not only advanced sound system, a suitable swiftletOwlBatt sound and high-tech equipment but also experienced Swiftlet House Architects and appropriate location. However, most important is to improve the living condition that is suitable for swiftlets. For Swiftlet House owner to retain flock of swiftlets, the environment inside the Swiftlt House have to kept clean. Wood planks and wall will grow mould and fungus due to high humidity and will cause Swiftlets gradually leaving the Swiftlet Houses.

Predators invasion such as owls or bats will cause Swiftlets to abandon their nest.

Mould and Fungus

This picture shows Swiftlet House that contains moulds on the wall and wood plank. It is clearly visible that no nest is build around the affected area. Don't allow this happen to you, start cleaning and mantaining your Swiftlet Houses.

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