Pest Repellent

We suggest consumers to use our Agriculture Vinegar as Organic Pest Repellent instead of Pesticides as it is safer and healthier towards consumers. By repelling pest, the number of pest can be controlled naturally and reducing in numbers either by starving or dying naturally without laying extra eggs.

Tanali Vinegar does not consist ofany chemical components that is harmful to the pest, enviroment and human.Household Pests that can be repelled are like Mouse, Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquitos and etc. (Flies and White Flies may differ in location).

Consumer also can use our New Product Tanali XPlus to destroy Sucking Insects such as White Flies, Red Spider and etc. Please visit our Tanali XPlus page for more information.

Facts About Chemical Pesticide

Currently, chemical pesticide is widely used in the farming industry but it has not effectively addressed the problems that most farmers faced. Chemical pesticides can kill pests immediately because of its poisonous and toxic properties but it cannot stop pests from reproducing. In fact, it makes the pests reproduce even faster and mutates stronger, soon pests will become immune to the product. Often, farmers have to change to a different product or increase the dosage, resulting in agriculture production having very high toxic residue. Moreover, when using chemical pesticides, farmers have to mix several products for a single application so as to deal with different field pest.

Pest will lay more eggs than usual when they know they are about to die. Out of all the eggs, some eggs that survived will gain immunity against the pesticide. This results in the pest from 2nd generation will be harder to kill with the same kind of pesticide. As consumers, using pesticides to kill pests, the cycle will keep going on and resulting in harder to kill pest and in a result harden the structure of the soil which makes the soil infutile for future planting.

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