Rotting Disease

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) farmers from countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and even Australia are facing serious Dragon Fruit Rotting Diseases. Those affected plants will not only halt the plant growth but it will reduce blossoming activities. It will affect the owner's profit in the long run. Rotting Diseases consists of different types of germs and bacteria. Some of the visible rotting diseases are rotting stem and anthracnose.

Rotting Stem

Often, Pitaya Farmers will face Rotting Stem, such of the various causes are such as Xanthomonas Campestris, Fusarium Oxysporium and etc. It will infect the plants from injured parts especially the stem which are usually the scar or damage by insects or from an infection. The tissues will became yellowish after the infection and then start to smell like rotten tissues. If no appropriate action taken properly, the stem will be completely rotten.


This disease is very common in most south east countries due to the humidity and the frequent rainy day. The rain will bring in more bacteria and germs which allows  this disease to become active. The disease not only develops on the vines but also on the fruit itself. The infected plant will have red brownish spots on vines, stem and fruit. Most of the time, the disease will disfigured the leaf, fruits, bark, stem and eventually leads to rot.

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